1.     Pilot must be a current member of the AMA.

2.     Current Membership card must be openly displayed. NO exceptions. NO CARD - NO FLYING

3.     Before full field rights are granted, the flier must prove his/her ability to fly aircraft in a controlled manner to any club officer or instructor.

4.     A spotter is not longer required, but for safety reasons it is encouraged that you do not fly alone.

5.     Members are responsible to remove all litter or debris generated by their activity at the field. Absolutely no

vehicles on runway.

6.     Models must always yield right-of-way to Full Scale, even if it means crashing your model.

7.     Pilots must abide by the current AMA SAFETY CODE, including no illegal drugs or alcohol.

8.     PIT AREA - All aircraft are to be kept in the pit area. When starting engines in the pits, aircraft must be facing the flight line. There is to be no high throttle testing in the pit or taxi area. High throttle testing is to be performed in the pilots' box. You may use idle or low throttle settings sufficient for taxi to the flight line.

9.     Pilots must remove pin from frequency board slot with corresponding 72 mhz frequency before flying.

10.  Pilots must return pin to the board after flying.

11.  Taxi area to be used for taxiing aircraft to the flight line only.

12.  Pilots must remain in the pilots' box during flight.

13.  Flying over or behind the flight line, pit area, taxi area, and spectator area is prohibited.

14.  When returning to the pit area, engines must be shut down at the pilots' box, and the aircraft may be towed

or carried back to the pits.

15.  Engines must be equipped with a muffler.

16.  No range checking is allowed with engine running unless aircraft is restrained in a safe manner.

17.  No aircraft activity or flights allowed while mowing of the field is in progress.

18.  Members should act in a courteous manner at all times.

19.  Spectators must remain in the spectator area. A spectator is anyone without a current AMA membership card.

20.  Violation of any of the Field Rules 1 thru 8 will result in immediate suspension.

21.  Field Marshall is authorized to establish temporary rules as he/she deems necessary.

WARNING: Violations of any of the club field rules will result in Field Marshall action.

Minor Violation: Member will receive a warning and be reported to the Executive Board.